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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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Little Vivian has adapted well to her four-cat household. Vivian and former stray Casey have become fast friends and fellow domestic terrorists, keeping the house in a basic uproar and making sleep deprivation an everyday occurance. There is a TALL climbing pole with three levels that she bounds up to the very top and then begs to be helped down as if she is helpless. But of course if we turn our back she bounds down all by herself and chases Casey until he loses his breath.

Vivian's knees are not bothering her at all, though we can notice her left leg swaying out a bit. No one is in a rush for surgery, and she is in no pain, so we are monitoring carefully, and letting her enjoy kittenhood. 
Bobbie and I are enchanted with Vivian, and know that she is a gift to us. We cherish her and stand ready to provide her whatever attention she needs for a happy healthy pain-free life. Specific thanks to Maureen and Becky who assisted in her adoption. Best wishes.  - Tyler


We just wanted to let you know how happy we are since we adopted Katy (formerly known as Katherine) the Dachshund. We adopted her December 2, 2008. She had been rescued from a puppy mill, where she was used for breeding. She was so skinny, frightened, and timid, that I thought she would never adjust. We have two other Dachshunds and they just love her! The male is so gentle with her, and our other female protects her as if she were her puppy (Katy is actually older than she is)! Katy is now happy and well adjusted and is getting ready to celebrate her second Christmas with us! Katy is the little one with the red velvet collar on (Fred is holding her). Merry Christmas! - Fred and Carolyn Rigsby and Family


First I want to thank the SPCA for allowing us to bring Antwan or as we call him, Buddy, into our family. He is such an amazing cat and gets along great with our other cat Butters.

I have attached a picture of Buddy playing and enjoying his new toys and family. Thank you so much for giving us the perfect gift for the new year! - Lauren

Nell and Casey

We adopted Nell (formally "Evelyn") in April, 2009, shown here with one of her new brothers (standing.)  Nell was rescued from hoarding situation in North Carolina where she lived in a basement with 70 other dogs. While she is still very cautious and is not quite ready to be touched or held, her mischievous and playful side has definitely come out!  She loves to run around the house, play with her many toys, and frolic with her 2 brothers and sister who have very readily accepted her. Her favorite food is hotdogs and although we look forward to the day when we can hug and kiss her, we will continue to let her progress at her own pace. She has her own "apartment" under our bed with comfy baby blankets and her favorite toys - a far cry from where she came from. When we first met Nell she was terrified and seemed lost. Although she still has a way to go, we love her dearly and seeing her whole body wiggle in excitement when she is playing brings us so much joy!  Thank you for bringing this sweet little creature into our lives and for all that you do to help others like her. - Carolyn & Mike Weber

Rory and Stella

Even though the holiday season is winding down, I thought I'd share a few words of gratitude and appreciation with everyone at the Richmond SPCA. 

About two years ago, our family adopted a black-and-white "Tuxedo" kitten, Rory. Even though we loved her very much, she developed a very mischievous personality - popping out from behind furniture to surprise us, sprinting around the house, knocking over vases, and even biting our ankles as we'd walk up the stairs. Rory wasn't the most affectionate cat, and would often push glasses off tables or shred up papers while we were away at work or school out of pure boredom. This past September, we chose to adopt another kitten, Stella, in hopes that a playmate might improve Rory's behavior while we were not at home. 

We are constantly amazed at the tremendous, positive difference Stella has made in our household. Rory has calmed down considerably, and treats Stella like her own kitten - snuggling next to her, grooming her, letting Stella eat from her bowl, even putting a paw around her! After coming from the pound, Stella just adores all the love and attention we give her, and both she and Rory love to wrestle, run, and play together all day long. Even though our two kitties are so different, they are the perfect companions for each other, and they never cease to bring joy, laughter and love into our home on a daily basis. 

We are incredibly grateful to the Richmond SPCA, not only for helping us find our beloved kitties, but also for helping thousands of local dogs and cats like Rory and Stella find their "forever homes" each year. The volunteers are so friendly and helpful, and as a family that has adopted from the SPCA twice, it comforts us to know that the animals awaiting adoption are very well taken care of by the compassionate SPCA staff. We are so happy to have helped the SPCA save the lives of our two wonderful animals, and we hope our friends and neighbors in the Richmond community will join us in supporting the SPCA through adoption and charitable donations. Thanks so much!!

Best Wishes, The Lawrence Family (Mike, Sue, Kaitlan & Stewart)


Hello SPCA Team,
Last year i adopted a German Shepherd mix from the Richmond SPCA.  I don't remember the name that was given at the SPCA, because we have been calling him "Lincoln." He lives in Texas now with his two sisters Reagan and Madison - appearing in the picture - where there is more space than they could ever roam. We spend days on rugged ranch land where the dogs chase hogs, turkeys, rabbits, deer, huge rats, and cows (no luck catching anything though). We found that Lincoln also loves the water and spends a lot of time splashing around in the river that is only a few yards from the house. With his new pack they run all day and into the night, sleeping like babies until dawn, and then they start again.
He came to us as a very hyper and unrefined dog, but after I whispered to him, he is completely different. He knows that in the house he cannot run, jump, or muzzle anything: he had a habit of pushing people with his head and nipping like shepherds do. Now he is even conscious of his tail and avoids knocking things over. He walks into the house calmly with the other dogs and assumes the position for petting (but his tail wagging still says it all). He is full of love and we are happy to have him.
Sincerely, Mike


Hi. It's been 13 months since I have adopted Taylor and I just can not put into words how much I love her and enjoy her company!!!  I have never known a cat to have so much personality! Happy Holidays!!

Mel G


Shortly after my husband and I lost our beloved dog of thirteen years, Wilma, I decided to stop by the SPCA just for fun. We wanted to wait a few months to adopt a new pet. When I went back to the cages to visit the animals, I noticed a quiet, chocolate-colored dog named Hershey. I got some treats from the bin and she came right up to take them, then laid down to rest right next to the cage, licking my fingers. After thinking it over that evening and noticing how lonely the house was without Wilma, I talked to my husband and we decided to go back the next day and visit with Hershey. 

Somewhat frightened and timid, Hershey came over to us and rolled over, letting us scratch her belly.  We decided we had to have this calm, sweet girl. Our experience with Hershey - now named Zelda - has been an eventful and fun journey. It took a good two weeks for us to become comfortable with her - and her with us. While initally quiet and timid, Zelda soon became confident and full of puppy energy. A good walk in the morning would only somewhat tire her out. We quickly learned that we needed to take her to training classes after we lost a dog bed, part of the couch, numerous socks, hats and shoes, and most recently - a digital camera.  The training class helped us understand how to work with Zelda and to teach her to listen to us. While we still have much to learn, and are guilty of spoiling her just a tad, the joy and fun she has brought to us has been worth every minute.  She is a wonderful addition to our family and we are so glad to have her! - Heather and Thaddeus


This is my kitty Oreo my wife and I adopted him on January 31 of last year. We were looking for a cat for my wife because it was her birthday and we had gone to a couple of places and didn't find the kitty we wanted. So we went to the Richmond SPCA and we had been there for about an hour looking at all the different cats and we had all but given up when one of the ladies said wait we have one more for you to see. It was love at first sight. Oreo is the best cat we could ever hope for. He is so loving and he is great with the kids and the dog. In this picture he is helping me put away stuff from the store. He is nosy but we are truley blessed to have him in our lives!! - Kevin


My husband and I adopted Migo on Halloween of this year. We knew that we wanted a friendly cat who enjoyed being around people, but we got so much more than we expected with Migo. He is a wonderful cat who is very loving and very sweet. He LOVES to have his tummy rubbed. Of course, when we first brought him home, he was a little skittish. But, that didn’t last long and by the second night, he was curled up next to us in bed. We couldn’t be happier with Migo and we’re happy to have given him a permanent home.

Thank you,
Mia Morgan

Migo  Migo


The Dog Who Found His Boy

Jinks smileI wasn't looking for another dog to add to our family but sometimes the right dog just finds you. I was taking a Canine Logic class at the Richmond SPCA and just before a break, up popped a picture of a blue merle hound mix with one blue eye and one brown eye. It just so happens a already had a 7 year old collie mix- blue merle, with one blue eye and one brown eye. I had to meet this dog. Now, I wasn't looking for a another dog, and I certainly wouldn't pick one out on looks alone but I was intrigued by this young dog. I am a trainer and immediately saw the potential in "Thaddeus" for so many things - agility, rally, therapy. He loved people and was eager to work. My husband was reluctant but after meeting him agreed we should adopt him.

We now call him Jinks as in All Manner of Hijinks. I can't believe how quickly we bonded with him and him with us. He and my husband are best buddies. It is like a little boy with his dog. They run agility together at the Richmond SPCA. Jinks is a quick learner and has mastered the basics and moved on to learning tricks like crawl and play dead. Jinks plays well with our other two dogs and he and our 17 year old cat love to rub noses and hang out together. Jinks enjoys riding in the car, going to the dog park and playing tug. He is the best snuggler in the world and we can't imagine our family without him. I can't wait to see what he will do next!

Michelle Mullins and Daniel Silcox
"Whoever said 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' never had a dog."

Jinks at home

Piper was 8 weeks old when we welcomed her into our family in mid-November, and she just fit right in. She enjoys spending time running in the yard and exploring the world. She is especially good at helping out with leaf clean-up. In the past couple of weeks, she has learned her name, going outside at the right times and some other basics. Her algebra and advanced chemistry books are now on order. Piper is a wonderful companion and has made this Holiday Season very special! I am very appeciative of the Richmond SPCA who helped bring Piper and me together.


DariusWe adopted a one-eyed pup called Darius
We loved him for his antics hilarious.
He could perform amazing feats,
With the promise of treats!
His life will never again be precarious.

I was volunteering at the Richmond SPCA walking dogs, and I saw the saddest little black 6-month-old pup in the kennels. He had one eye that was red like a cherry. I found out that he'd been hit by a car, was picked up by Richmond Animal Care & Control and then transfered to the Richmond SPCA for medical care and surgery. He was on crate rest and every day I walked by and gave him a cookie and he just charmed me through the bars. Eventually he had his ruined left eye removed, and not too long after he was finally allowed to go for walks and play with the volunteers. I took my husband in to meet Darius and we filled out the adoption paperwork that night. We had a few behavioral puppy things we wanted to address, so we signed up for a couple of training classes with Darius at the Richmond SPCA with Tray Welch, and they really improved our relationship with Darius! Darius loves to cuddle with our 17-year-old cat, The Bunny, and he'll play fetch for hours. Darius is a sweet little dude, and we're grateful that the city and the Richmond SPCA worked together to give him a second chance. He's been a great addition to our family.

Caitlin Bergendahl


When we adopted him, his name was Bert. We immediately changed his name to Berkeley. That was on June 7, 2009. Since he was a 7-year-old senior cat, we were concerned about how well and quickly he would adjust to us. When we brought him home he cried and was afraid, and for 15 minutes he hid under the bed. After those 15 minutes he seemed to feel at home, and since then he has continued to bond closely with us. He is the smartest and most obedient and attentive cat we have ever seen. By his second day here he knew his new name. I've trained him to sit, shake hands, high five, wave, and jump up on command. He has trained us when he wants to play or eat. He has different sounds he makes for all of these things.

Berkeley is a loyal companion. The Meet Your Match survey that was given us when we came in to adopt, and the care of your adoption counselors to match us with the pet we needed and wanted was wonderful for all of us. His temperament is perfect for us and for all of our family and friends. We have a 30 month old granddaughter, and he loves her. When he says he wants to play but we are busy he finds something to entertain himself. He means more to us than I can tell you, and the service you have provided in matching us with him is something for which we will always be grateful.

David & Judy Canada

BrynneI have had Brynn (rhymes with 'tin'), formerly Avery, for 6 months now and she has been the joy of my life. I can hardly believe I've found my perfect match! She truly acts like my personal assistant: making sure I wake up on time with a flying leap into bed and nosekiss, accompanying me during catnaps, and even giving me a gentle tap on the shoulder when I've been sitting on the computer too long. She is so well behaved and has such a wonderful temperament. I've even been able to train her to accept a toothbrush and to walk on a harness and leash! I have hopes to share her wonderful personality with those in need as a therapy cat. She has brought such needed joy and warmth into my life and I look forward to our many happy years together!


Brynn at home