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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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Mocha wanted me to drop you guys a line and let you know how much she is loving her new home (and share some pic’s)!  She and the boys are doing great!  Zoso and Mocha have become good play buddies. They romp around the yard and the house tails wagging having a good old time. All in all life is good, she is a great dog and a wonderful addition to my family. We have not had any behavioral issues, she cannot be crated (she busted out and broke the crate!), and she jumps my fence (which we are fixing Saturday). She and Nemo have been spending their days in the house, napping and playing. She has been on some good walks and runs, and loves living the pampered pooch life. Thanks for all you guys did for her and she is looking forward to coming to SPCA events to say “Hello!”. Thanks again guys, we’ll see you soon! - Allison AKA Proud Pitty Momma


Hi! Here is a shot Andy, the cat who has ruled the roost ever since he was adopted from your former Chamberlayne location in the fall of 2000. He's been a little rascal ever since!

He'd play with the dogs, 90 pound dogs, sleep on his own pillow and he's the only cat I've ever had who won't eat most seafood but will scarf down turkey or cheese if you let him.  - Steph


We adopted Kali in August 2009 and she has been a joyous addition to our household. We wish we had adopted one of her brothers or sisters also, as she just loves playing with other dogs. Her horse brother and sister just don’t want to play! She just turned 7 months now and is non-stop energy. She loves to go running and hiking with mom and dad. We are so glad we went to the Richmond SPCA. 

- The Harrison-Bradshaw Family

Tuttles and Angie

We adopted our buff tabby Tuttles (who was known as Alvin at the time) 2 1/2 years ago, at the same time we adopted our dog, Angie. Tuttles was a year old at the time, and little was known about his background other than he had been in a foster home. Since then he's matured a tad beyond his kittenish ways, and is now that perfect mix of cuddly and mischievous that every cat should strive toward. He's a great bug hunter and watch cat - he makes sure to let us know when the neighborhood strays are in the yard, but only because he wants to be their friend, too. After his busy day, he loves to curl up next to us on the sofa for a long nap. He's in love with the dog - he sits in the window waiting until she gets back from her walks. Thank you for rescuing such a great cat until we could bring him home to join our family!

When we adopted Angie she just received treatment for heartworms at the Richmond SPCA so she had to be kept quiet for 6 weeks - no strenuous exercise or excitement. She recovered completely and now goes on two one-hour walks a day, which has helped her owners lose weight - we call it the "Angie Plan." When she came to live with us she didn't know any commands, not even 'sit' and had never been on a leash. She's successfully attended obedience and agility classes, and is perfectly behaved in the house. Angie is gentle with our cats, even when they bother her, and she is honestly the friendliest dog you will ever meet. Her hound side comes out when she sees someone she'd like to meet - everyone laughs at her silly howl. She's been known to wiggle her butt so hard she falls over when she sees a new or old friend! This is our first dog, and we couldn't have found a more perfect dog for our family. Thank you so much for giving her a chance and offering her the treatment she needed to save her life! She is definitely worth it!  - Karen Brandt & Milton Durr


Last Christmas I had the worst experience of losing my 3-year-old golden Labrador due to an auto accident. On Dec 22 my husband decided the best thing for me was for us to go to the SPCA and bring a new dog home to share Christmas with. We already bought presents and put them under the Christmas tree. I was very hesitant because I didn’t want just another dog to take my baby’s place. It was the best thing we could have ever done. It was maybe a week and I couldn’t image life with out Buck in my life. He was prefect for me. He helped me heal from the loss of my dog and Buck had been through a rough time and had lost a lot of weight and by the looks of him you could tell he was mistreated. So I fed him anything he wanted and made him a little bed right next to mine. We were both doing much better, just in time for Christmas.  This is our second Christmas together and he is my baby. He is a Mommy’s boy.  Attached is Buck’s photo, waiting for something good to eat. Thank you so much for all your help in healing our family and finding Buck a good home. - Tammy


I adopted my Basset Hound, Hattie from the RIchmond SPCA on March 31, 2009. It had been 5 years since my last dog...also a Basset...and my husband did not want another dog. After much discussion, he said OK and Hattie came home to stay. She is such a "people" dog and loves to be around us. We had her in a crate for sleeping the first few months but now she sleeps at the foot of our bed on a couple of pillows and snores away every evening. She loves to go in the car and will just sit there and not even try to put her head out of the window...very lady-like! I could not be happier with my "Miss Hattie" and even my husband has come around...he'll call her over to pet her and even lets her lick his face! Thanks so much to Tamsen and the Richmond SPCA. P.S. She also LOVES the couch! - Ellen Proefrock, Norfolk


We had lost our  little Schnauzer and our other dog was grieving as well as us. I had looked and looked and saw a lot of dogs, but none was a fit. I had just about given up and decided to go to the SPCA and play with some of the dogs. I found one that I liked but I thought he had been adopted while I was looking around. I was about to leave when the adoption counselor I had been working with said she would check for me. She came back and had him with her! He had only been there one day and the other people who were visiting with him did not take him. I only wish I could tell them thank you and let them know what a super dog they let go. My husband brought our other dog (adopted also) to meet Copper and they got along super. It is almost a year and he is part of the family and a sweet, sweet dog. You all called him Fletcher, but we call him Copper!!!  Thank you for what you all do. - Sue


Thank you so much for introducing us to Dexter (formally "Quincy"). The last month has been exciting for our new pack to get to know one another. However it did not take long as he was cuddling with us the first night!!! Dexter is such a character and well behaved dog! I feel Clif and I lucked out and got the world's best dog!!! He loves to play but even more so, loves to cuddle. He constantly is making us laugh and is always smiling. In only one month he is the joy of our life (and quite spoiled!) Thank you Richmond SPCA! The proud owners, Kristie and Clif


My husband and I adopted Sprocket a couple of years ago. My sister, who is a volunteer at the SPCA, discovered him and said we had to meet him. I was very ill at the time but I dragged myself out of bed to go and meet this cute little man. He was incredibly sweet and calm which is exactly what we were looking for. Even though I was sick I told my husband to go ahead and bring him home. He’s our Sprocket Man now and we can’t imagine life without him. Every time we walk in the door he’s right there waiting for us, wagging his tale and sneezing in excitement.

He’s the perfect dog despite being blind. Yes, Sprocket is blind. About a year after we adopted him we did found out that he is going blind. We noticed that he would bump into things periodically and per the vet’s recommendation we took him to an eye specialist. At this point he is completely blind in the dark and can only somewhat see when the room is lit or the sun is out. The specialist told us that it is an irreversible genetic condition and at some point he will go completely blind. You wouldn’t be able to tell he’s blind unless you were around him on a regular basis. He has adapted so much already and continues to adapt. We are learning and using training techniques to help him navigate and to keep him safe. He’s a happy dog whose favorite thing is to take walks, play with squeaky toys and to sit and “look” outside the front door (when it’s sunny). We love him and are one happy family. Stacie & Adam 

ThoraWe adopted Thora in July of 2009. Our previous mutt had just passed away after 15 years with us, and we were heartbroken. We were really impressed with the Richmond SPCA and how much the staff cared about matching our family with the right dog. We couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to our family.

Thora has the sweetest nature and is a complete cuddler. She loves to eat – a lot. One of our favorite Thora-stories is the time we accidentally left out an entire pound cake and a half loaf of French bread. She got onto the counter when we were gone and ate both, including most of the packaging. She was still hungry for dinner later.

Thora had some serious separation anxiety issues. She ate her way out of a steel crate, and again through a travel crate. She lost a tooth during that last escape attempt. She is getting better, and seems to understand that we always come back, but we wonder what happened to her in the past. Obviously she was someone’s dog – she was housebroken and knew some basic commands. We will never know what she went through, but we have tried our best to make her feel loved and wanted.

She’s wonderful with our children – they use her as a pillow and love to play with her outside. Although we will never forget our first dog, Thora helped us move beyond the sadness and taught us that we still have enough love in our hearts for another pet. We’re lucky to have her.

Cristina, Mike, Lily and Arden Del Bueno

Thora face

TibiTibi was welcomed into our home and warmly greeted by Ally, my 11-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane. They became inseparable for the next few months they played together and would take trips down to our pond and drink, then run as fast as they could. Tibi, even though he was a little Shih Tzu, could run circles around Ally and when he was exhausted he would lay next to Ally with her on her bed. They ate together and slept together. When Ally could no longer get up, Tibi would bring a favorite toy to Ally and lay it in between her big long legs. Their bond forged from the minute they met. There is something special about a rescued dog. Their experience of being given another chance seems to give them a unique understanding of life. They want to give all their love to you.
~ Judy Charbonneau

SammyBack in February of this year, the family took a trip down to the Richmond SPCA one Sunday after hearing that there were puppies available with the adoption fee waved. By the time we had gotten there, they had all been adopted. We were hesitant to look around, being that we had many requirements for a new dog. We have young children, an alpha female that we had rescued a few years before, cats and birds. We put our name on the list to visit with a few dogs. They were all great but for one reason or another wouldn't work with our family. We were about to give up when it was remembered that "Edmund" had come in about a week before. We visited with him and instantly fell in love! He loved playing with the kids, he was "cat tested" right in front of us and completely ignored the cat. We knew we were taking him home. We took him home that night, and he got along immediately with our other dog.

It has been almost a year and "Sammy" (formerly Edmund) has been a absolute delight. He has fit right in with our family and turns out to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. I am so impressed by the Richmond SPCA. Due to their knowledge and experience, they have mastered the task of matching dog with owner to make everything much easier on everyone. They do their job well.

Thank you so much for all that you do,
Megan Staples

Sammy & family

My daughter Carrie and I decided to become fosters for the Richmond SPCA over the summer of 2009. We received a phone call from Day Newsome the first week in September to come and pick up a kitten named Rita on September 4 to foster.

Our house is full of animals: three dogs and two cats. When Rita came into our home, it was like she was supposed to be there all along. We brought her in for her checkups and shots, and then received the call that she was to be spayed and put up for adoption. I had my husband bring her in, and after he dropped her off, he called to say that he felt she could not go to a happier home than ours, so he had already told the ladies that we would be picking her up after she was spayed and vaccinated. Needless to say, that ended our fostering days for now, but "Rita" is the perfect addition to our full house.

Mary, Lee and Carrie


Miles & sistersI adopted a kitten named "Davis" and renamed him Miles :-) because it rolled off my tongue a little easier. I have two dogs at home, sisters from the same litter of Brittany spaniel mixes. I brought Miles home in June 2009. He was full of energy and from the beginning he was not afraid. I was careful at first and gave the study to him. He quickly acclimated to his sisters' home and to them. He loves them, and Maddie, who is the bigger of the two dogs, loves to play with him and lets him bite her and grab her without moving away.

One day I was sitting in the living room and I heard a scurrying sound in the kitchen. Maddie and Miles were playing and Maddie was getting down to his size and kneeling and biting and twirling around playing with Miles. Since then I have seen them do it a lot. Not so much with Emma, but she doesn't have as much meat on her bones. It is so cute!!

I just love him to death and he loves me. Miles is a great cuddler and loves to be picked up and draped over your shoulder. Right now he is asleep in a chair on a pillow across from me, Maddie's head is on my lap, and Emma is on her dog bed to my right. We're such a happy family and it makes it more exciting for all of us.

Thanks for Miles coming into our life.
Barb Ennis

Miles & Emma on sofa
Miles & Maddie snuggle

WinslowI have to admit, the first time I met Winslow, I fell in love with him. I knew I was going to adopt a dog this year but was waiting for the right fit for me. It wasn't about how the dog looked or the breed as much as it was about the personality. Winslow was just looking for someone to take care of him and give him lots of affection and play time. He had obviously been someone else's pet as he knew a lot of commands and was already house trained.

My friends and I are still surprised to this day how he got to the Richmond SPCA, but I think I can say that about most of the animals there. I've had Winslow for 2 months now and he already knows his routine; he knows that when I'm drying my hair, I'm probably leaving the house to go to work and he just sighs. He's got so much personality, and anyone who has ever met him says that he's one of the happiest dogs they've seen. Sure he came to me with some serious dandruff and a patch or two of dry skin, but after 2 weeks his coat was shiny and he wasn't itching anymore (see what a stable home can do for a fella).

Although I'm the one who went to the Richmond SPCA and adopted Winslow, in reality, Winslow picked ME, and I'm forever grateful.
Brenda Sampe

Winslow in bed

We adopted our kitten Toby, whom the Richmond SPCA called Omar, in early September this year. He was our first pet in our first home, and now we can't imagine life without him! He is so playful and active, but also sometimes calm and ready to cuddle up with us on the couch, which are my favorite times! He loves all his little toys we've gotten, but we also built him a huge cat tower out of wood, carpet, and rope that's perfect for scratching. He loves climbing on that and just looking out the window. He has already grown so much bigger and is getting his "adult" cat teeth. Besides a little bit of nibbling and a minimum of scratching, we have had no problems. We are just enjoying every moment laughing at the cute things he does! He seems to like licking Michael's face, and willingly stepping into a pool of water in the shower! Thank you so much to the Richmond SPCA for all you do and giving us our little "son"! Attached are two of our favorite pictures!
- Emma & Michael

Toby with his duck Toby napping
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StephanieMy name is Stephanie Gausby and just this past Spring I adopted a 3yr old Pit Bull Mix also named Stephanie.
I was just browsing the online photos and descriptions of dogs at the SPCA when her name caught my eye. Later on that week I decided to make a trip to see if she was still available. When we met she was very excited, jumpy and running around all over the room. I have to be honest I was a little scared about adopting her, but I could see how sweet she could be, and she is a beautiful dog.

Being that this was my first dog I wasn't completely sure what I was getting myself into but I jumped right in and it was so easy to care for her and once I got her away and in a comfortable environment she completely calmed down. She's so loveable and sweet and loves to play in the yard, take walks, and tear up every toy I buy her, which is fine with me cause it's hilarious to watch. I can't imagine not having her around and wish I would have found her sooner. Thank you Richmond SPCA for helping me find the best dog ever!

Stephanie & LiL Stephanie