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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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We just wanted to thank the Richmond SPCA for Maggie (formerly known as “Ellie”). We adopted Maggie in August of 2009. After a little bit of time, she came out of her shell and has been a wonderful addition to our family.

– Ryan and Alison

Nilla and Snoopy

Snoopy is still very slow to come around. I have her lay next to me whenever I am sitting and watching tv. I take her outside and she loves it. She loves to run around with the other dogs and gets soooo excited.

Hopefully by Christmas she will have opened up some more but I am not pushing her. I make sure to pet her while she is on her bed and she loves that, when I call over to her she immediately gives her belly so I know she wants to open up but is scared. I know once she does, she will be an extremely loyal dog but that will come in time.

Thank you so much for saving these two precious girls and letting them come to live with me. Nilla is still my appendage and goes anywhere I am. If anyone is looking for me and they see Nilla, they know I must be real close by. She is my baby and I love her to death. - Cheryl

Snoopy and Nilla were rescued from illegal puppy mill breeding operations.

Ana and Ariel

Ana (short for Anastasia) and Ariel have brought so much happiness into our family. We just love our kittens! (Well, I guess they aren't actually kittens anymore.) They are healthy (each of them weights slightly less than 15 pounds), very happy and extremely playful. I am so glad that we chose to adopt two sisters. They play so nicely together and also with our 7 year old son. Although this was taken a few months back, it is one of our favorites. Thank you so much for the good work your organization does. - Debbie


She is an absolute love. It's scary, but it's almost like she's been living here forever.  She sounds like a little horse running through the house, is eating in the kitchen with all the other dogs, jumps from sofa to chair and back again - claiming them both as her own, and acts like a little clown keeping us laughing all the time.  She's been here a week, and still has not had an accident in the house.  Can you even believe that???  She barked once the first night she was here, the next night she had a little tantrum for about 5 minutes, and has not made a peep at bedtime since. 

She's better behaved than the dogs I've had here for their whole lives!  However, she has already become a little diva, loves wearing a shirt, and hates stepping off the deck into the wet grass. After pulling her out of that muck, who would have thought that she would hate getting her little feet wet?

I wonder what her life was like before.  At times, she is so well adjusted that I think she wasn't always in that situation. Then at other times she's really scared of little things. She hates the vacuum cleaner, grooming (trying to clip the mats from her face has been a test for both of us), is scared of the cat, won't take treats from my hand, just little things mostly.

I babysit our granddaughter (7 months old) on Fridays, and Millie has been barking at her all day, trying to figure out if she's dangerous or not.  It's pretty obvious she's never seen one of these things. Right now the baby is napping, and the dogs are outside soaking up this beautiful day - Millie right in their midst.  Sincerely, Crystal

Mac and Freddie

A year ago this month we adopted Goldfish and Koi - whom we renamed Freddie and Mac.  They were the last two of their litter (our two sons picked them out and we couldn't leave either one behind).  Please know that they are wonderful cats and they are enjoying a great life!  We have two large rescue dogs and they all get along well. Thank you for all you do for the animals. -The Nelson Family



I wanted to let you know that my Wilco ( who you know as Kramer ) is doing great. He is a wonderful companion, and he seems very happy. I love him so much. He is very well behaved and just a joy to have around. He's pretty cute too. He's not a licking dog which is good, and a picky eater which I'm trying to adjust to, but all-in-all, I wouldn't trade him for anything. He's the best man in my life! - Kim


I just wanted to let all of you know that we are having a wonderful time with Donny (who is now called Jabba!). We enjoy playing tug-of-war and fetch with his toys and also like lying on the couch watching movies. He has brought great joy to our house and we thank you for making that happen! - Dan


This is Abby, the shepherd mix formerly known as Lena. I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm okay. This guy that came and got me sure knows a lot of people with dogs but he's okay. After staying with his sister in Varina, we headed south to West Palm Beach in his Jeep. Let me tell you; I had my doubts about this guy. He came through though and bought an air conditioned ride after getting to West Palm. I'm living with four Schnauzers who have accepted me as part of the pack. I've put on just a little weight; life is good. Thanks for all you've done for me. I miss you.  - Abby


We love Madison ("Althea") very much!  She is a great addition to our family.  She is very social and loving and has easily won over my husband and daughter who have never owned a cat.  Thank you for the great service you are providing.  Thank you also to Ali for helping us adopt Madison.  - Martha

Yuki and Emma

Yuki - 2 year,  a terrier mix who came to me as a foster pup at 2 weeks.  After many nights of middle of the night feedings, love and care she grew into a beautiful puppy with a slight impairment.   At 4 weeks I discovered Yuki was deaf but that didn't stop her enthusiasm for life.  With the help of the trainers at the SPCA, Yuki and I learned how to communicate with each other with sign language.  She is quite obedient although sometimes I get trumped by a squirrel. Yuki has graduated from both a Canine Manners Obedience Class and has obtained her Canine Good Citizens Certificate. Yuki's favorite things to do are...  playing ball, tracking, and chewing on her favorite bone.  

Emma -  2 years old.  She came to me a foster at 2 weeks and was not expected to survive.   She is now a thriving healthy beauty of a cat and pretty much the Queen of the house.  Emma is the most anti-social social cat I have met.  She loves being with you and will follow me around from room to room but only wants pets on her terms.  She loves lounging on high places and will do anything for a salmon treat.  And almost everyday when I come home from work she is waiting to say hello at the door and laying nearby is a small pink stuffed toy that she will bring downstairs into the kitchen and leave as a welcome present for me.   Emma's favorite things are...  laying in the window, chasing our feet, curling up under the covers for a nap.
Jackie Laubacher
Gabby and Annabelle

Gabby and Annabelle were adopted in the Summer of 2008.  They spend most of their time looking out the window at squirrels and birds.  Annabelle’s favorite toys are Q-tips, ponytail holders, which she sneaks from our bathroom on a daily basis.  Gabby prefers her catnip-filled mouse.  Although they were adopted separately, they’ve become best friends and can be found snuggled up together on the bed every now and then. 





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