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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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We adopted Gabby, now named Miley, almost a year ago, in May 2008. She was timid when we got her and had a bump on the back of her elbow. I am happy to say that the bump disappeared and she is so happy. When our shepherd passed away our other dog sat outside and howled, most likely mourning his lost friend. We knew we needed to get another dog, so my daughter and I went to the SPCA and found our Miley. She looks like she is smiling at times, and loves playing with Winston, our other dog. We couldn't have found a more perfect match!  - Amie


I adopted Bridger from the Richmond SPCA in August 2009 and she is the sweetest dog in the world.  I have taught her a few things and she almost dances when she gets really excited it is so cute and funny.  She can make anyone smile or laugh and has brought so much joy to my life.  I am glad I chose her because she is the perfect apartment dog she is small and for the most part very quiet.  I can't believe how happy she makes me and my entire family. When I decide to get her a friend I know exactly where to go to.  I will go back to the Richmond SPCA for sure.  Thanks for such a wonderful dog. - Jennifer 


Cassius and Rambo

There are times we have caught them on the kitchen counters where they are not allowed to be. There are those moments that make us say, “Let us sleep a little bit longer?”  However, those incidents are few and far between compared to the everlasting joy that our kitties have brought us.

About a year ago, in June 2008, we attended an event at the Science Museum of Virginia and noticed the SPCA truck outside. We could not resist taking a look at the animals available for adoption. We had pondered getting kittens for a while, but we did not really think it would be that day. 

We walked away from the truck several times only to return to play with the same two kittens that caught our eye from the moment we saw them. When we walked away from the truck for the final time our brand new kitties were coming home with us!

We named them Cassius (pronounced Cash-us) and Rambo. Cassius, the solid gray kitty, likes to talk a lot like Muhammad Ali who was previously named Cassius Clay. The striped one, Rambo, is short for rambunctious.

Rambo is fearless and likes to jump right into things while Cassius is always lurking somewhere, taking time to assess a situation or playing with a new toy. Both are very sweet though, often greeting us by rubbing against our legs as we get ready for the day as if to say “Good morning,” or “My food bowl needs to be replenished.”

Since adopting them, we have reached some milestones in our lives including buying our first house. As much joy as our new home has brought us, they seem to enjoy it even more than we do. They chase each other up and down the stairs, in and out of each room at such a feverish pace that we call it the “Kitty 500.”

Most of all, we are happy that they are best friends playing, eating and sometimes getting into trouble together.

As they have turned a year old, Cassius and Rambo spend more time staying up late and playing all night. However, once in a while we wake up to find them sleeping at our feet. They pop their heads up and give us a look as if to say, “Let us sleep a little bit longer.”
Laura and Philip



Hi this is Constantine. Remember me? I adopted a human last Saturday. She's got a lot to learn but I think she is trainable. She's already learned how to play hide-and-seek. Oh yes. I've decided I really don't like dogs. But then I'm bigger than most of them so not problem. Had to go to the vet again today and they just LOVED me. I weigh almost 16 pounds so I think I heard the vet say the "d" word. But he said other than that I looked pretty good. Of course I do. I already knew that. I'm attaching a picture of me in the kitchen. Love that room - can eat there and then go and look out the back door into the woods and try to find rabbits. Miss you guys but I have it made here.
Love, Constantine
P.S. I really am having a ball with this human. She does everything I tell her to.



Hello. We wanted to give you all an update on our dog Dakota, who has adopted on Valentine's Day 2009. She is doing great! She's sweet and funny and loves to play. Thank you so much for our sweet dog. She is such a blessing and we love her so much.  

- The Henry Family of Hanover 


Dixie is kind of a rebel. There aren't too many miniature poodles that like to swim and boogie board, but that's the way she likes it! She can often be found relaxing by the pool or playing a leisurely game of fetch...



We adopted our dear dog Fred (he was under the name Miles but we changed it) in 2006. We couldn't have picked a more ideal dog for our family. He was made for us. He's the baby of the house. I keep teasing my kids that I have to return him because they gave us a rotten one (of course, we made him rotten!). Thank you for all the work you do and for keeping Fred. Obviously, he was waiting for us to find him. He is our joy. - Aileen


I wanted to thank the Richmond SPCA for giving us the opportunity to adopt our new child "Georgia", formerly "Amelia". When we brought Georgia home January 10, 2009 she was terrified of everything, including the TV. We called her "cave dog" reminiscent of "Cave Man Lawyer" from Saturday Night Live with Phil Hartman. Over the past 5 months she has transformed into one of the coolest dogs ever.

I can't imagine the sofa without her to snuggle up on it with me! We had to put our beloved dog Red down in November 2008, and thought we would not get a dog for at least another year. We thank our lucky stars daily that we made that fateful trip to the Richmond SPCA! - Melissa


When I came to the Richmond SPCA a few months ago I had my heart set on an orange tabby cat. Needless to say that isn't what I got. I adopted Gypsy (then called Morgana) because she captured my heart with her loving snuggling ways and she hasn't been out of my lap since. Just goes to show you that you can't judge a cat by their fur. Anyway Gypsy I found is just like a dog more that a cat. She even learned to play fetch! I found a cat that was purrfect for me and it was all thanks to the help of your staff. I want to thank you all so much for putting this little
bundle of joy into my life. - Donna


We adopted Lexie (formerly Ethel) on March 21, 2009. And since then life just gets better. So far she has taught us to take everything in stride and go with the flow.

She is always so zen about everything life has to give her. Lexie's best lesson so far is no matter what is going on "keep your tail wagging!" - Jane


Lily and Tiki 

When I came to work at the Richmond SPCA in April of 2008, My first day working there I fell in love with Lily (top).  I adopted her and her playmate Tiki. Both were a handful! I just realized I have had them for a YEAR. They are awesome dogs when they are not trying to fight for me and my fiancee's attention.

They get lots of exercise by playing in the 16-acre field behind our house and they also get to play in the Nottoway River. Lily has also came a long way. For a long time she did not get along with any dogs except Tiki. Now she plays with all kinds of animals.

I love them and they will ALWAYS have a home with us. - Ryan


I just wanted to drop you a line about the new addition to our family.  We adopted Augusta (renamed her Meadow) on mother's day 2008. We recently had to put our oldest dog, Champ to sleep because he was so sick with cancer. We had absolutely no intention of getting another dog this soon, until we saw Augusta during one of your adoption outings in front of Wendy's. We were waiting to get into the Mall (being it opened at noon and we were a little early), and my youngest daughter insisted on playing with the dogs you had that day. Well Augusta plopped right in her lap and started licking her face. It was all she wrote. 

We brought her home to meet our other dogs, all males, and she is now queen of the castle. She is a great dog; great with kids and just so sweet and lovable. She does have a lot ot energy and loves to play, play, play.  Thanks for taking such good care of her until we came for her. Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do for the homeless animals in the community. - The Causey Family


Just wanted to send you guys an update on Nina (Sarah when she was adopted). I know she was a favorite of an SPCA employee(whose name I regretfully do not remember, but I know she had a love for Snowshoe cats) during her time there before we adopted her in September of 2007. She is doing wonderfully and we absolutely adore her! Thanks so much for such a sweet kitty.

Tim and Amanda


Our family adopted two-year-old Opal last month (April 2009), and she has been such a blessing and a delight! She is so affectionate and playful, and she loves her four-year-old and seven-year-old human 'brothers' (even when they won't leave her alone). When she's not curled up on her new 'mommy' or 'daddy's' laps, she loves to run around the house at top speed. Opal has brought a lot of joy to our household, and we are so grateful to the SPCA for saving her and helping us find such a wonderful kitty! - Kristen


Just wanted to send an update on Ovie (formerly Celia), the little bundle of kitty joy you all helped bring into our lives. Ovie, who is named after Alexander Ovechkin the famous Washington Capitals hockey player, has fit right into our household like she's been here for years! After all the research I did on how to introduce a new cat to a resident cat, I was expecting her to hide for days and only come out to use the litter box. To our surprise, Ovie came waltzing out of her crate and right out into the living room without so much a hesitation. She and our older, resident cat Hoss (seated in chair), get along famously! Her youth and playfulness have really brought out the kitten spunk in 7-year-old Hoss.
Thank you all so much for helping us find our Ovie. She really is our perfect match! Sincerely, with love and gratitude, Aly, Andy, Hoss, and Ovie


Dear Judy, and all the helpful Richmond SPCA employees. We adopted Portia in June 2009 and we are very happy to say she is doing amazing, and we love her to death! She has gained lots of confidence and intelligence. She listens very well, she even learned to sit and stay incidentally while giving her treats. Her favorite game is fetch, oddly enough with her favorite toy a small stuffed duck like donald duck. She loves to chase it around the house and brings it back to us to throw. We never taught her any of this, she did it from the day we gave her her toy duck and its a lot of fun for her and us. Max and her get along great together and have become play buddies, however max is quite old and gets tired much quicker.

For the summer we got her a few fans throughout the house for cool air and a bowl with fresh filtered running water she loves to hang around. She really has become a great member of our family! Thank you for all your help and opportunity to adopt such a wonderful cat! Our Best Regards, Yunett and Andrei



Here are some pics of Ray. On the way home he got up in Makayla's lap!  He's adjusted well here.  I'll keep you guys updated on him.  Ray met my neighbors today. We love the Richmond SPCA! 
- Jess and Makayla


It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since Reba came to our home, in August 2008. She has come so far in a year and has become a wonderful, fun-loving dog! We knew that Reba was a kind dog, it just took some work, time, and a lot of loving to have Reba get over her fears. Reba loves playing with her sister, a foxhound mix named Jewels.  The two love running around in the fenced-in backyard and taking trips in the car to my mom's house where they play with five rescued dogs. The picture I enclosed shows Reba's wonderful smile, which seems to be ever-present!  She has and will continue to be a wonderful addition to our family!  - Melissa



 I thought you'd like to know how Midnight (now renamed Roxie!) has been doing! This is the sweetest dog in the world... unless you don't belong in the house - then she's a very good guard dog! Her personality is just so endearing and she has brought me so much joy and entertainment! She's just so wonderful and very smart. I've had lots of luck training her, she listens very well.
I'm so glad she's a part of my life now - I can't imagine it without her! - Lauren


We'd all like to thank you for allowing us to take "Alma" home.  He's "Rufus" now, and has proved to be the perfect addition to our family.  He and our younger cat Eddie (an SPCA alumni as well) are getting along just fine.  Rufus wouldn't have it any other way; he's patiently approached Eddie every day, and she's warmed up to him more each time.  (We're taking bets on when we're going to catch them cuddling...it's coming, we know it is.)  Rufus has claimed the couch as his own during the day, and sleeps every night with our son Andy. In between leisurely naps, he hangs out in the kitchen with me when I cook, and stares out the glass door at our feral cats.  Yes, he likes them too...we think Rufus likes *everyone.* 
He charmed the staff at our Vet's office as well, doing his signature loud purr and head-butt for all when he had his introductory visit and check-up.  We couldn't have asked for a better companion for Eddie (and us!), and I couldn't have gotten a better Mother's Day gift.  Thank you!
Sincerely, Judy, David and Andy and Eddie and Rufus  :)


Just wanted to check in and let you know that Summer is doing great and loving life in the Outer Banks! We adopted Summer from you in 2004 when we lived in Richmond, and moved to OBX in 2007. Anyway, I know you endure a lot of sad stories and wanted you to know that there is success!  She was estimated to be about 5 when we adopted her, so she's around 10 years now - but she's very active, in wonderful health, has lots of friends and has lost a LOT of weight - consequently she gets lots of compliments!
Here she is in Manteo celebrating the fourth of July. Thank you for all that you do!!  Hope all is well! Fondly, Susan


Maya was one of our three foster kittens. Her original name was Tamara. Within days we fell in love with this cute but mischievous little cat that fits into our family so well that we decided to adopt her.

We are so fortunate to have her! Her favorite activities are cuddling with Nala, getting groomed by Romeo, playing with both of them and trying to steal the food from our plates.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to foster, which brought Maya into our family!

Julia, Felix, Nala, Romeo and Maya


I adopted Tilly (named Tia at the SPCA) in March of 2009. She was a little timid at first but has turned into the most wonderful dog I could have ever asked for. Tilly is my constant companion and such a sweetie. Her favorite activities include getting belly rubs, going on long walks, playing at the dog park, and chewing on her bones.
Tilly was shy around new people and situations when I first got her, but she has now come out of her shell. She loves all types of people and enjoys exploring new things. Tilly is a wonderful example of the joy rescuing an animal can bring to a person's life. I love telling people that she is from the SPCA. I cannot begin to thank the SPCA for the rescue work they do and for uniting me with my best friend!  Thank you, Claire


I adopted my beautiful lab/ australian shepherd mix named "Trina" from the Richmond SPCA about a year and a half ago, and I am thrilled to report that she is doing very well! She has turned out to be the sweetest dog and she has brought so much joy to my life. I was sure she was the dog for me when I met her, despite some obvious causes for hesitation. She was already 3 years old, with little known history (as for why she had been given up), and she had some separation anxiety. I will be honest, she has been a challenge at times, but it's been worth it. She is free-spirited, affectionate, and silly - just like her "person". In fact we couldn't be a better match! I don't know how to thank the volunteers and workers at the SPCA. Your hard work and dedication to these animals is inspiring and, for me, it has proved to be a real blessing. I truly believe that Trixie was meant for me and I was meant for her, but without the SPCA and all the amazing people who work there Trixie and I may have never met. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and keep up the good work!

Lorian & Trixie

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