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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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Almost 4 years after getting Hannah (August 2005 adoption), she is still the most wonderful pet and companion I could ask for. She used to be incredibly timid but quickly found her trust in people and her fun loving ball-chasing side. Honestly, she is a complete Momma's girl. We've since moved to Colorado and she loves life with her sister pit bull. I am still so thankful to the Richmond SPCA for saving her those many years ago. - Rory

Harry aka Weird Harold

When we adopted Harry last winter, we knew he was something special. Though we have two other cats, Harry integrated with them within a matter of hours (in fact, all three cats slept together the very first night)! He is truly a wonderful cat. Though he came with the name Harry, we took to calling him Weird Harold rather quickly, as he is truly unique (even for a cat):  he loves to play "fetch," he brings you specific toys on demand,  and he sings and touches your foot when he wants you to chase him! Thank you to the Richmond SPCA for saving such a beautiful, wonderful animal for us. You're the best!  - Mike and Lynn


My husband and I adopted blind Buffy at the end of February 2009, and I thought it was past time that I gave you an update on her.  She is doing beautifully. Buffy went to the vet for a get-acquainted visit shortly after she arrived in NC. We have continued her WD diet and she seems to be doing well.  Our greatest concern was to get her moving around more, so that she might lose some of those 22 pounds. After a few weeks Buffy finally decided to join the Fun-in-the Sun group of cats in the fenced courtyard. She has to go up and down stairs to get to HER spot under the cement bench and also to enjoy a small stroll outside, so I am sure her activity level has increased. I am looking forward to the time when she loses a little weight and can do her own grooming. Meanwhile I put her in the sink for a fanny wash every couple of days and really don't mind. I think of it as bonding time. If you asked her, I think Buffy would have a different take on it though!

Buffy is a delightful gal who gets along with all the other blind and sighted cats. She talks to us regularly, especially to remind us that her food dish is empty. We have found her to be as beautiful inside as she is outside.  Thank you ever so much for allowing us to adopt Buffy. She's a wonderful and capable girl and I am delighted to have her!  - Barbara



Here is a current photo of Elvis, right, with his new best pal Miss Lucy!   - Troy and Lou Ann


Felix and Oscar

Hi everyone! I ended up naming Booth and Murr Felix and Oscar. They seem to be adjusting well to their new home. They still hide a lot but are slowly but surely coming out of hiding more and more. Their little personalities are coming out and we are getting to know each other.  

They surprise me every day!  One of my favorite things so far is that Oscar (Murr) loves to sleep on the bed with me....he stays on his side of the bed but if I wake up and speak to him he comes over and head butts me then goes right back over to his side again...so cute! 
Thanks again!   - Paula 




Here is a picture of Crystal (now Gabby) who was adopted from the Richmond SPCA in early May. She is a good surrogate mom to her baby sister Raven!  - Ginny


I adopted Stella (then "Snow") from the Richmond SPCA in 2004. When we first arrived home, Stella was so scared that she did not come out from under my kitchen table for the first 3 days. She had several difficult issues because of her previous experiences and I remember wondering if we were ever going to be able to adjust to one another! Well, we never gave up and in the 5 years since she has become an amazing companion. 

I look at her now, and cannot believe the difference in her confidence, behaviors, and interactions with other people and animals.  Amazing what just a little love and effort can do...

There have been many travels in between, but Stella and I are now living in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. She has a brother, Gooch - a Chesapeake Bay retriever, whom she adores and loves to beat up on even though he is twice her size. I am teaching English and she is running on the beach chasing donkeys, pigs, and crabs. We have been here 7 months and I think she has adjusted better than I have : )

I just thought it was a perfect time to give you an update on my beautiful girl.  Thank you to the Richmond SPCA for my best friend and travel companion!!   - Misha



O hai! Wantd to rite to lets u no how Iz doin. U guyz calld meh Jerry, but dats a mowses naym! (Didnt u no dat?) Mai naym is Duke nao! Is moar sofis--  sofistikayt--  Is bettr. 

Mai hooman is purty gud dad. He givs me teh gud fudz n teh luvz n plays wif meh lots. I has lotsa toiz. I lyks to brings mai hooman teh bal n he thros it fer meh to chays, tho I tink mai favrit toi is teh stik wif al teh krazee fethurz on it. Mai othr favrit gaym is to get mai hoomans feets wile hes sleepn. He sez Iz "spoyld rottin." Wat dat meen? 

Ennywaz, nao Iz goin to nock a buncha stuf ovr, puts mai har in teh hoomans lawndry, eets mai kibbl, n has a nap. Just wantd to lets u guyz no Iz vary happee!!!!  Kthxbye, Duke



Just a quick update on Bruce, our puppy mill rescue, adopted March 6, 2009. As you can see from the attached photo, Bruce is looking more handsome everyday! His coat is growing in nicely, and he seems more relaxed and comfortable in his new environment. His ear infections are completely gone. He is on a daily anti-inflammatory drug for his "trick knees". You would never know he had such a problem before. He goes on long walks every day with his doggy brother, Toby. We think the regular exercise is helping build muscle to support his luxating joints, too. He almost never limps anymore and is learning to run! We say Bruce is connecting to his "inner frolic". Stairs are still a big challenge, but we don't mind scooping him up for a quick cuddle as we go up and down. He has gained over a pound and is up to a whopping 7+ pounds now.

Of course, Bruce still has residual effects from his years at the puppy mill.  He startles easily, especially in the dark. He has a very sensitive throat and we suspect damage from being mishandled. But, you know, we all have our issues. Nobody's perfect. Bruce may never completely recover from the abuses he has suffered, but if love truly "conquers all," he will be just fine. We do love him and are committed to making up for the five years he lived with fear and neglect.

Thank you again, for all the hard, important work you do to rescue these precious animals....especially our Brucey. You are changing lives...including humans'...for the better.  - Randall, Merry, Toby and Bruce


I just wanted to thank all of you at the SPCA for Isis! She is great dog and getting along well with our other dog Bubba.



It's been one week since I brought Danke' (dahn-kuh), formerly Naomi, home and she/I couldn't be happier. Last year the day after my birthday I had to put my beloved Damian to sleep, I felt lost and more heartbroken than I've ever been, I was without a cat for the first time in 11 years and my best friend was gone forever.

I finally got up the courage to let another love into my life and Danke' is a sweet pleasure, she's my baby and is right at home. She's always talking, exploring and playing with us, she has everything she wants and I love her to death. I call her Danke' (German for "Thank You") because I am so grateful that she has given my life meaning and I feel like myself again.
I have to say the staff at the Richmond SPCA are the nicest people. I can't thank everyone enough for making this possible. Thanks for giving me a huge part of my life back.  Much Love, Charley "Trish" & Danke', April 2009


I adopted Riley in November 2008. She won me over right away and I knew she had to come home with me. Riley loves attention, sitting in my lap, bugging my husband while he works from home, and playing with her beagle mix sister, Lexie. She also loves getting into trouble, stealing bones, and tricking us into taking her outside (she gives us the "potty" sign, and then just sniffs around and barks once she gets out there). Despite her knack for mischief, she is a very sweet dog and loves everyone -  she is even part of the SPCA's Paws for Health therepy dog program! She is a mexican hairless / min pin mix, but we think she might be part bat because of her big black ears. Riley and Lexie have made a great addition to our home, and I cannot imagine life without them!  - Stephanie, Richmond SPCA Adoption Counselor 


Here is our new baby, snuggled up to his new sisters' toy she got for her birthday last week . She brought it outside for him to play with, it now goes everywhere with him!

We went to the vet today, she thinks he is GREAT!!  We do too! Here is another picture of Ty with Katie, our golden (owner of the cow), she is so proud of her new brother, we think she thinks he is her birthday present!!

Thanks for your help Saturday, I enjoyed visiting with you!!  - Ansley


On March 25 my family and I had to make the decision to put our German Shepherd, Isabella, down. She had a spleen tumor that had ruptured her spleen, causing internal bleeding and terrible pain.  It was the hardest decision that we have ever had to make. My husband and I knew that we wanted to add another dog to our family. We adopted Donna, now known as Maggie, on April 11, 2009.  She immediately became a special part of our family. Last night, I watched her curl up to our other dog, Lexi (a 9 year old Lab/Rott mix), and fall asleep. It was so heart-warming. We will never forget our sweet Isabella, but Maggie has helped ease some of the pain that we have been feeling. Adopting Maggie was the right decision for our family, and we will continue to thank God for bringing her into our lives.  Sincerely,  Kerri, Todd, Justin, and Hannah


My name is Susan and my family adopted Sammy, a long haired dachshund, at Collegiate School in April.  I just wanted to let you know he is doing wonderful.  We just love him. He and our beagle Maggie are getting along great, running together and playing. Hopefully our cat Charlie, also from your shelter, will come out from under the bed some day. He hasn't quite realized that he's bigger than Sammy.  

Sammy had a great night sleeping in bed with Maggie. No accidents yet. He definitely remembers his potty training.  
Thank you so much for the wonderful things you do for these animals and thank you for Sammy. Sincerely,   
John, Susan, Courtney, Jason, Kelly, Maggie, Charlie and Sammy


Moose has made an absolutely wonderful addition to our family! He is very loving, extremely patient and is the perfect companion for our boxer pup, Ruthie, who is THRILLED to have a brother (as you can see by the big kiss she is giving him)! He has really settled into his new home. In his short time with us, he has already learned "sit", "down" and "stay" and walks nicely on a leash.  He loves car rides, "adventure walks", doggie day care, and most importantly, getting lots of affection from his new parents. Thanks to everyone at the Richmond SPCA who helped us adopt Moose and complete our pack!  - Josh and Jamie 


I adopted Gracie yesterday and she is just perfect! Her personality really started to show when I brought her home. She loves to give kisses and play outside. When I come home from work she runs to me with her tail wagging! I introduced her to my friends dogs and she loves to play with them! She's a sweetheart! Thank you for my Gracie!!   - Kara :)



My mom and I recently adopted Vlad, a two-year-old cat, from the Richmond SPCA. We have had him for just a week, and he is already part of the family. It is like he has been here forever! We love him! We have always had cats as family members. With just one visit to the Richmond SPCA, we fell in love with Vlad! Thank you to the people of the SPCA for taking care of God's precious creations that can't care for themselves. We look forward to many years of love and happiness with Vlad.   - David


I lost my precious black lab "Levi" to cancer at the age of 14 in January 2004. He was adopted from the original SPCA facility and lived a long, wonderful life. As anyone knows who has lost a beloved pet...you feel so lost, miserable and without purpose when you lose them. I visited the SPCA every weekend looking for another lab to adopt. A close friend told me to stop trying to find the dog and let the dog find me. I was not able to make a connection with any of the dogs and had all but given up hope when I walked in one snowy Sunday morning in March 2004. There in the puppy pen was a black lab puppy jumping up and down saying "pick me, pick me". I immediately fell in love and took him home that day. His name was "Jimanji" and he was already responding to it so I decided to keep the name. Well Jimanji grew up very fast. He was weighing close to 70 pounds at 5 months old. The vet told me he was mixed with Great Dane and to expect him to be a very large dog. Indeed he is. Jimanji celebrated his 4th birthday in December 2008 and is a whopping 96 pounds. What a big bundle of love he is. Every year we celebrate his birthday by going to PetSmart and he picks out a toy. In February 2009 I rescued a yellow lab mix puppy from the King William pound. Jimanji now has a sister. I named her "Sanibelle". My family is complete now and I thank the Richmond SPCA for all that they do.  - LaVaughn


Grayson and Griffin 

Here’s a picture of my five-year-old (Grayson, on right) with little Griffin, who came from the SPCA (named ‘Frodo’) two years ago. - Daniel

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