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ceo purrspective

April 2005

Dear Friend and Supporter:

On March 7, 2005, Kip Kephart passed away leaving a hole in my heart. I have no doubt that Kip has gone on to a much better place for, if anyone does, it would surely be him. However, his passing has left our community and this world a lesser place.

Within a couple of weeks after I began working at the Richmond SPCA in 1997, Kip called me out of the blue and asked me to have lunch with him at the Virginia Museum Members Suite. I had never met this man before, but I am never one to turn down a nice lunch invitation so I went. That was the first of many lunches and dinners that we had together over the next seven and a half years because I became one of “Kip’s ladies,” as he liked to call us. We were the group of women, most of us involved with local non-profit organizations, that Kip supported, encouraged and befriended. It was a lovely thing to get to be one of “Kip’s ladies” because his friendship was unwavering and his encouragement for your work was always uplifting.

Kip loved animals and children above all else. He worried about their welfare and hated callousness, cruelty and injustice. Over the course of his life, Kip had many animals that he treasured and cared for. They were all lovingly buried in a beautiful and thoughtful garden at his charming home in Charles City County, each one with a personalized gravestone. His last pet, a darling long-haired dachshund named Roscoe, was adopted from the Richmond SPCA and was Kip’s constant companion in his last years.

Kip had had a partner, Bobby Chandler, who died long before I knew Kip. I came to feel, however, that I knew Bobby from all that Kip said about him and the many ways in which Kip did great work in honor of Bobby’s memory. It was typical of Kip’s self effacing nature that he always credited Bobby when giving money and support to the causes about which he cared deeply.

As all of us who loved Kip are aware, he was always coming up with a new idea for doing something good for either kids or animals that he wanted you to participate in and get other people to give money to. It was because of Kip that I raised the money so that the Virginia State Police dogs would have bullet proof vests to wear. Some of Kip’s schemes were very idealistic and difficult to actually pull off but it was totally impossible to say no to him. How could you possibly turn down someone with such a wonderful heart and such energetic commitment to his causes despite his fairly advanced age? In fact, Kip always seemed ageless to me because his joy and enthusiasm were so great and because he related effortlessly to people of all ages, races and backgrounds. He loved a good party and never failed to take a table at every event for the causes he cared about. He always invited his friends to come join him and have fun.

I know that I am only one of many people who will miss Kip terribly. He set a great example of open-mindedness, generosity and compassion. Kip was a great gentleman in the finest sense of that word. I was very fortunate to have had the warmth of his friendship. I hope that the work that I can do for the well being of homeless animals in the coming years will make him proud. I have no doubt that he is looking down from above, checking on all of his ladies and making sure that we are doing the work that he would have wanted us to do.


Robin Robertson Starr