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We love to know what our precious adoptees are up to, so please keep us posted! To share news of your adopted pet, please send us an e-mail. If you would like to see your pet featured on our social media sites, please tell us in your message that we may share your update. You can also submit adoption tales and alumni photos directly to our tumblr. Thank you for adopting from the Richmond SPCA!

Looking for more alumni updates? We also share stories on our blog and other social media sites including Facebook. Please check them out to hear happy tales and see happy tails!

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Fiona came into our lives in July of 2002, just after we had moved into our first home. We had always wanted to have a dog, but years of living in pet restricted apartments made that impossible. With a new house and a yard, the way was open for us to add on to the family.

Our path to the Richmond SPCA was inspired, however, by a chance visit by my wife, Shelley, to the city dog pound. She had gone to the municipal trash collection facility to drop brush, and decided to visit the pound. When she returned home, she told me we had to go to the SPCA right away, for "karma" reasons. I will admit, I had no intention of adopting a dog right away, but I agreed to go.

When we arrived, Shelley and I separated to look at the cages. While she wandered amid the cacophony of excited barking, I was drawn to one lower tier box which housed a quiet, if sad looking denizen. The tag read "Fiona", and once I looked at her and she licked my hand, I knew this was the dog for us. We decided to adopt her the very next day.

Fiona had a hard life before she came to the SPCA. She was a transfer dog from the City Pound (found stray and injured), and had been through some serious medical treatment and fostering before she was placed for adoption. Although she was only 2 years old (estimated), she had obviously been through serious trauma in her short life. In fact, we learned that when we saw her, she had been returned by her first adoptive parent as being too difficult to deal with. She had many scars, both physical and emotional, that made her fear aggressive, but she has come far in overcoming those issues in our home environment.

Having her in our family has enriched our lives immeasurably, and I am thankful every day that we could provide the loving home that she so desperately needed. She loves people, especially small children, and even though she still carries (and probably will continue to carry) fear-aggression related to other dogs, her sweet and loving nature makes every day for us a joy. I wake up every morning to the best little greeting committee a man could wish for, and I often can't visualize a time where she was not an integral part of our lives.

On another note, having her in our family is a testimony to why the Richmond SPCA does so much good for abandoned, abused and neglected animals like Fiona. In other localities without a strong SPCA she might never have gotten the chance to live a happy and full life in a home that loves her. My wife and I urge anyone who is seeking to add a pet to their household to consider adoption from the Richmond SPCA.

There are so many worthy animals out there like Fiona that just need someone to love them and show them that regardless of what happened to them in the past, they can be a part of a family. The Motto of the Richmond SPCA is "every life is precious", and we certainly feel that our little one fits that bill and more.
 - Ming and Shelley

Hi, my name is Aidan, and my new mom and dad brought me home from the SPCA after a very brief stay in April of 2007. I love my new home, and especially love playing with my sister, Sasha. She's such a great sister that I can hardly stand it when she's not here with me. I also really enjoy sleeping on mom and dad's couch, or laying on the back of it while I look out the window at the world going by. 

There's even a little dog park in our neighborhood that I get to play at almost every day. I have a bunch of friends there who I love to chase and baroo at. The only problem with my new home is that mom and dad don't leave my bed out when they're gone, because I chewed up my first one. I don't know how dumb they think I am though, because it wasn't very hard to figure out how to open the bedroom door so I could go sleep in my place. 

It's hard work trying to train my humans, but I already have them letting me outside every time I ring my bell on the back door, so I think they'll figure it out eventually. Thanks to the SPCA who helped me find such a great home!

My name is Luper, and Jennifer adopted me as a puppy in 1991 as one of the first things she did when she moved out on her own after college. My name came from a sign she saw hanging on Broad Street while I was bundled in the back seat for the ride home. Part shepherd and something else, I was a very smart dog - even though Jennifer probably didn't capitalize on that as much as she should have. I was a great escape artist and amazing climber, and often ran to Jennifer's parents' house a few blocks away -- I think I just needed the adventure. You could always count on me for a joyful greeting and lots of kisses.

Kind and loving, I was a constant companion to Jennifer for
16 years. I stayed her faithful friend through five moves, her wedding, and two baby boys - proving again and again that life with an animal from the SPCA can really be great. I even accepted other canine friends added to my family over the years - first Harley (another SPCA dog), then Taz (a Rottweiler who came with the husband). After moving to NC, Jennifer even featured me in a special book for her niece as the wise old dog who gave advice to a young visitor from Virginia. My new canine family members, Max and Stella, learned from me: we made a great trio watching the backyard and keeping squirrels off the tomatoes. It's up to them to keep up the guard now. Despite my many years, I was always healthy and limber. Only as old age finally got me over the last year did I slow down to take a rest.
On August 31, 2007, I joined Harley and Taz for a final rest from my wonderful life. Thanks to the SPCA and Jennifer, I got the chance to be an amazing companion with a long, happy, healthy existence that I hope everyone will remember for years to come.

GusGus napping

After losing a long-time friend, Putnam, I knew I had to have another cat!  As a child I never had cats…growing up thinking I didn’t even like them.  My parents didn’t like them so I didn’t like them. Boy was I wrong!

When I moved to Richmond in 1980, I met a group of friends who all had cats.  My husband and I were the only one who didn’t have a cat out of the 7 couples. One day a child of the family came to visit and she brought this tiny little black kitten. This kitten lived with us for 17 years. When he died I felt lost. No one to greet me after work or keep my feet warm in the winter!  I started having dreams about a little yellow cat that someone left at my doorstep. I had this dream on three different occasions and decided I needed to find that yellow cat that needed me. 

I left work one afternoon and headed to the Richmond SPCA. There I entered the cat area and THERE HE WAS!!  He had been abandoned in an apartment for two weeks during an ice storm and with no heat or food. He could barely move and was suffering with a respiratory infection. HOW COULD I RESIST HIM!  Beautiful orange tabby with a triangle of white on his nose about a year old. I had recently seen Cats (the Broadway show) and wanted to name him after one of those characters…I chose Asparagus…of course, he goes by Gus now. 

Gus came home with us and took about 3 more weeks to fully recover. He is now very HAPPY, HEALTHY AND FULLY IN CHARGE!!  He loves his new home and has now been with us about 6 years. He’s a great cuddler and talks lots!  He greets us every morning with a happy hello. Gus’ favorite thing is to enjoy a bowl of Cheerios every evening as a midnight snack. He sits on the arm of the chair patiently (well most of the time anyway!) awaiting his two tablespoons of milk left in the bottom of the bowl! He has grown to love a little Chesapeake Blue Crab now and again as well.

I am happy to report that my sisters (who also didn’t like cats as children) have since discovered they love them too. They both love Gus very much and had to have one of their own. Thanks for telling my Gus story! 
- Cindy


Hi, my name is Chloe. It has been 4 weeks since Joy and Robby adopted me from the Richmond SPCA. While I was living at the SPCA, I was known as Rapunzel. I love my new home with Joy and Robby. Joy only works 3 days a week - so on her days off, we enjoy long walks.  We live in the country so I get to see deer, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, and squirrels. I love to be groomed. Joy keeps my fur brushed and my nails clipped. I ride comfortably in the car, too. We play at a local doggy park, shop at PetSmart, and travel to visit with family and friends. Joy and Robby are planning several short vacations this summer and I get to go to! We're traveling in the RV! Having a great time - wish you were here!  
- Chloe


We adopted "Kenny" almost two years ago.  My daughter still refers to his adoption as one of the best days of her life.  Kenny seems to appreciate both the attention he gets from our children and having his own space to be "gato del sol" (as seen here enjoying the screened porch) when they are at school.  What I appreciate about Kenny is how he brings out the caring and nurturing sides of all of my children, as well as their silly sides.
- Bridget Westhoven


My name is Eko (for any of you Lost fans out there), known as Pokey at the Richmond SPCA.  I came home with my mamma in October of 2006 and I couldn't be happier!  I tried really hard to sleep in my own bed for a while, but my mom's bed is so much better so she lets me sleep with her now.  I love all my new friends, 3 cats and a dog who were very sweet to let me come live with them.  I love to cuddle, lick faces, and be in the middle of every thing!  Not much was known about where I came from, but someone was crazy to give up a sweet loving girl like me...it's their loss!  All I know is that I'm fat and happy and I love my new family, I'm glad the SPCA helped me find them!

KramerKramer with "mom"

When I met Kramer I had been a volunteer with the SPCA for about two years. I really enjoy walking the dogs - especially the larger and special needs dogs like Kramer. 

Although everyone at the SPCA tried their best to make Kramer as comfortable and happy as possible, he became increasingly remote, agitated and depressed. I decided to include Kramer in my daily visits by walking or playing with him at least 20 to 30 minutes every day. He started to know my schedule and waited patiently for me at his door. After his being a resident at the SPCA for almost two years, I decided he needed to get out of the kennel atmosphere to a home. Although my husband and I already had 5 dogs and 4 cats, we agreed to take him into our family. We live in Charles City County and own 20 acres of land, so we had plenty of space to handle one more member. Having been warned that Kramer did not like dogs or cats, we decided to build him his own covered fenced area right next to our house. If he decided he did not want to befriend the other members of our family, he would still have plenty of room, love, attention, peace and quiet. 

Everyone at the SPCA was excited that Kramer was finally getting a home. We brought him home on September 1, 2006 and he immediately calmed down. You could see the excitement in his face. Interaction with the other dogs was not immediate; we chose to introduce him to everyone a little at a time. It is now January 2007 and he is a complete member of the dog pack - with my husband being alpha male and me alpha female. His favorite activity now is when the "pack" goes for long walks (humans walking, dogs running) in the 100 acres of woods surrounding our house.  He is obedient, loving, playful and just a joy! He loves being himself again. Thanks again to everyone at the SPCA for taking care of him for so long. Your efforts saved his life and now he is really loving life. - Annette Roberts

miller (dog) and Leo (cat)Leo and Miller
We wanted to thank you for giving us two awesome pets - Miller (formerly Nanook) and Leo (aka Patch Adams). Miller takes his role as the older brother (and part-time bodyguard) very seriously, and Leo is having the time of his life getting spoiled as the baby of the family. They are best friends, and love to get in trouble together (including midnight raids on the cookie jar and Christmas tree redecorating attempts). They are both wonderful animals, and we're very lucky that someone was there to introduce us to them!
"Little Bones"Little Bones
“Little Bones”
came to the Richmond SPCA in December of 2004 after being hit by a car on the Jefferson Davis Highway. She weighed only 1 pounds and was barley alive. With a broken pelvis, horribly damaged right eye and an extreme loss of blood, a veterinarian we fondly called “Dr. John” began to work on saving her life. With blood from a donor cat named “Bones”, she began to revive and heal and was given her name “Little Bones”. In May of 2005 we adopted her and added her to our existing family of two kittens including Paul (renamed Mortimer) who was also adopted from the Richmond SPCA in January of 2005. We were warned that she may eventually lose her right eye due to excessive damage to her cornea and that she may require surgery on her pelvis as arthritis may develop from the break. We loved her resilient spirit and will to live and felt like we were adding a little miracle to our home. And boy were we right!

Little Bones quickly became the “alpha cat” in our household and grew to her current weight of over 14 pounds!!! Not so little anymore! Also, our surprise she has shown no signs of pain in her pelvis but a trip to a veterinary ophthalmologist confirmed that her sight is diminished in her right eye due to her accident. This does not, however, prevent her from racing around the house chasing her toys and her brother and sister! She is truly the sweetest cat you can imagine and brings so much joy to our lives. We honestly cannot imagine life without her. She is a constant companion who seems to just love life.

We are eternally grateful to “Dr. John” and everyone at the Richmond SPCA for having the compassion to save the life of our little girl. She truly is a miracle. We would encourage everyone to consider adopting a pet who may have had some “wear and tear”. Their love is truly endless!

Thank you again for all you have done for us and Little Bones,
Stephanie and Morton

is a cute bassett/beagle mix that Michelle, Mike, Ben, and Justin adopted at a special adoption event at Ukrop's. Henry was really frightened of people at first. Now he is a special member of the family who is loved very much. They don't know what they would do without him!!!
When the Kolesar family adopted Frankie, he was tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand! He has become like another child in the house and, with the human kids nearly grown, he get the royal treatment as the baby of the family!

Henry and Frankie's stories were placed here by Teresa Ward, Mike Cangelosi, Andrew Stevens, and Jessica Salvo in honor of Karen and Michelle.

Orville and WilburOrville and Wilbur,
We would like to share our story about how we found our home.  We were taken in by the Richmond SPCA with our seven brothers and sisters.  They all found homes but we couldn't be adopted because we had Parvo. The wonderful people at the SPCA spent a lot of time and money trying to save us and they did!  Our mom and brother came in one day looking for one dog and the minute they saw us they knew they needed both of us.  At the time, we were known as Sneaky and Sneezy, but our family loves the Outer Banks and decided that we looked more like Orville and Wilbur to them. When we arrived at our new home we fit right in.  We love having our "lessons" every night, and in just one month we learned to "sit", "stay", "shake", "lie down", "roll over" and "turn around".  We love playing with our toys, going on "field trips" and giving kisses to everyone we meet, even our vet when he gives us shots!  Most of all, we love each other and still try to fit in the same crate to sleep.  Here we are ready to go for a walk in the rain. We have been in our home for four months and have brought so much joy, that our Mom wants to say, "Thanks!" for saving her boys!
Angel and RascalAngel and Rascal
Angel and Rascal
are having a great time playing dress up in this picture and according to their owner their costumes, as well as their names, fit their very different personalities! Angel was adopted by Lisa Hearl from the Richmond SPCA in October of 1999. At the time she was called Tipsy and had been cared for at the shelter since July of that year.

Rascal, a tough little guy who was fending for himself on the streets, joined their family in 2005. Angel and Rascal have a great time together! Lisa wrote, "Thank you so much for all the Richmond SPCA does for homeless animals...I cannot thank you enough for all the joy that Angel has brought into my life - she is truly a wonderful pet!"

I just wanted to share my story of happiness with the adoption of our cat, Chester. (His name was Conrad Joe when we adopted him from the Richmond SPCA).  I have had 3 cats in my life before Chester, and I loved each of them as much as I love Chester.  However, Chester has a special personality; one that I've never seen in each of my cats before.  He is so very friendly, loveable and caring, and I cannot imagine my life without him. 

My husband is currently deployed in an active duty Army assignment to South Korea for 18 months.  I have been alone with Chester without my husband since January, and I don't know what I would do without Chester to keep me company.  I have my good days and bad, and when I have my bad days, Chester is there to rub against me, purr and lick my face.  He's so very special to me, and I just thank you for making my life complete with him.  I adopted Chester in April of 2004.  I love him so much, and again thank you for bringing him into my life.  You made this possible, and I will definitely be adopting again from the SPCA. - Sarah

My name is Prince Charming, Prince for short, and I had a very rough time before going home with the Ridgways. When I came to the SPCA I had been loose on the streets and was hit by a car. I was in terrible pain and was fortunate to be saved by the Veterinary Emergency Center before going to Richmond Animal Control. I was then taken to the Richmond SPCA for rehabilitation and special care, which is lucky for me because that's where my new family found me!

My family tells me every day how special I am and how grateful they are to have me. Turns out they had lost their beloved German Shepherd Scully on the exact day of my accident, and came to the SPCA not sure if they were ready to open their home to another pet so soon after losing their girl.

They had made up their minds though to adopt a pet who was truly in need, and when they met me and heard my story they knew I was the one. Maybe Scully had a "paw" in bringing us together! 

I am now very happy and loved and enjoy hanging out with my doggie brother. My sad life before seems farther away every day. 


My name is Bug and I was adopted from the Richmond SPCA in 1999. 

My mom had to look hard to find me because I was the smallest black pup hiding in the back of my crate. But she knew I was perfect and took me home that very day, lucky for me!

Since then I have led a privileged life, full of love, comfortable couches and nutritious treats. Thank you SPCA for taking care of me until she arrived.



Sampson and Delilah
Formerly named Doug and Amy Wyn
(from Trading Spaces), we were adopted together in 2003. We were part of a litter of six and had so much extra skin that staff took bets on how big we were going to be. 70 pounds was about the right guess! 

Our new owner, Tiffany, treats us so well that we wouldn't trade spaces for the world!

My name is Madori and I was abandoned at the Richmond SPCA, so nobody knows how old I am or where I lived before. My future is certain, though, since going home with Mike and becoming a very pampered pet.

My friends tell me that I'm a very handsome and gregarious cat. My best friend is Katy, the Yorkshire terrier, but I am the true king of the household!

I'm Winks and I was adopted in 2003 by Jack and Susan who caught me in the act of enjoying a long Winter's nap!

My name was Candice when I was brought to the Richmond SPCA from Richmond Animal Control, but I like my new name much better. I've found my happy ending at last, where every day is a holiday and the bowl is always full!

Leo and Gizmo
Leo and Gizmo
We were just two weeks old when we arrived at the Richmond SPCA in 2003. The nice people who work there nursed us until we were big enough to be adopted.

Leo, our owner, tells us all the time that he fell for us right away and that he can't imagine life without us. It could have something to do with a name in common, but more likely our playful ways won him over!

We are now very happy kitties although one of us, who shall remain nameless, has been a little greedy at suppertime and had to go on a diet!